Roundabout Canada

Escape Room Games
in Downtown Toronto

Escape room games for beginners and advanced players. Located downtown, we’re open 7 days a week.
We offer 5 unique themed escape challenges suitable for all ages and events. Come check us out.

Do you have what it takes to escape?

Escape room games for beginners and advanced players. Located downtown, we’re open 7 days a week. We offer 5 unique themed escape challenges suitable for all ages and events. Come check us out.

Do you have what it takes to escape?

Our Rooms

We have 5 themed challenges to choose from, ranging from beginner to advanced.

Final Destination

  • Spy themed challenge. You’re on a mission when your plane gets hijacked, you have 60 minutes to find the clues necessary to stop you from going down and save everyone.
  • Intermediate
  • 2-6 Players

Butcher’s Basement

  • Horror & gore themed challenge. The local butcher is suspected of recent killings, your team is on the hunt for the most recent missing child. Find her before he returns.
  • Advanced
  • 2-8 Players

The Prisoner

  • Prison break themed challenge. You’ve been wrongfully accused of murder, you have 60 minutes to escape your prison or you’ll be executed.
  • Advanced
  • 3-9 Players

The Ninja

  • Ninja themed challenge. With years of ninja training, your master has one final puzzle for you to solve. Find your headband and become a full Shinobi.
  • Intermediate
  • 2-8 Players

Back To The Mummy

  • Tomb raider themed challenge. You’re trapped in The Greatest Sahirah’s Tomb with 60 minutes to find her stolen heart scarab amulet.
  • Beginner
  • 2-5 Players

We’re Best Suited For

Friends & Families

You & your loved ones will love our escape challenges!

Amateur Sleuths

Okay Sherlock, put your detective skills to the test & find your way out in 60 minutes!

Date Ideas

Build your teamwork skills between you and your partner, work together and escape within 60 minutes!

Private Functions

Celebrate any special occasion, birthday party, corporate team building, etc at Toronto’s #1 escape room!


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“I went and played the Final destination room and it was a great experience! My partner and I weren't able to escape within the hour but they gave us 10 more minutes to complete the room. It was so helpful and allowed us to enjoy the experience. Would definitely come back again”
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“At first I was skeptical. Even 30 mins into it I still was. But then I got hooked in the game. It was fun totally worth the money. I even kept playing the game with my kids hours after we left. Make sure you go in groups as the more the noisier it'll get and the more fun. Definitely worth the cost and will be back again.”
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“Recently did The Ninja as a part of a work function. The room was well thought out and put together. It required precise communication and teamwork in order to complete. Our entire group of six were actively participating the entire time. No one was left waiting or with nothing to do. We also loved that the room contained unique puzzles. Not a single padlock puzzle in sight. We had a great time and would return the next time we are in Toronto together.”
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“Return customer. Visited Roundabout Escape Room twice and enjoyed both experiences! We chose Mummy and Final Destination. Both rooms were very enjoyable. Props and decorations were detailed. Will be returning in the future to try more rooms. Highly recommended! Prices reasonable.”
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“3 of us went today and did the butcher escape room. It was so fun but soooo hard! 😂 If you’re a newbie to escape rooms I don’t suggest starting with the butcher room. They were very helpful with the clues and gave us a little bit of extra time. When we really couldn’t figure it out they came in and showed us the rest of the answers. Also if you don’t like haunted houses don’t do the butcher room 😂. We thought it was incredible though and would definitely come back again and try another room.”
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“An amzing place to have fun with friends. First time I played and it was wonderful. The staff were so friendly and helpful. For sure you all will love it.”
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“A huge shout out to the Managers: Yating & Jocelyn, the rest of the crew : Rick, May, Nazarine and all the remaining folks who made our visit truly special! I had planned a surprise for my wife on her birthday and the staff at Roundabout Canada escape room went above and beyond to help me plan & execute it! My wife totally loved it! Thank you so much! They have an extremely talented team and their rooms do bring out the detective within us. I must admit that it is not easy for a couple to crack the puzzle without getting hints. I can't wait to visit the other rooms with our friends!”
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“I want to give 4.5 stars, but can't, so I'll round up. Nice folks, decent room, if a little small. One quibble about the first room (we did Back To The Mummy) - if the box was on the other side of the room, under the candles for instance, it would make the 2nd part way more obvious. Other than that, there was only one puzzle we (2 parents, 2 kids) got stuck on and needed a hint. Ended up finishing in 50 minutes. Would have been 40 if the box wasn't where it was. All in all, pretty easy room. We'll definitely head back and try Ninja and Final Destination.”
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“Highly recommend if you like horror theme room, butcher's basement is scary and I don’t get scared easily. Amazing staff and overall experience . One of the best room we have all ever done.”
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“We did the butchers basement. We finished with 2 of us in about 50min. The room was amazing and we loved the horror theme. Staff was super friendly!!!!”


No! We never put strangers in your room. It’ll be only your team members playing with you in the room.

Just click the ‘Book Now’ button, and it will direct you to the booking page. You can choose to pay now or pay later.

That’s not a problem. You can simply let our staff know when you walk in. We’ll adjust the booking for you.

No, electronic devices are not allowed in our rooms. Lockers are provided to store your phones and your belongings before you go in the room.

We accept any type of payment! Well, cash is cool! However, we do take credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express) and debit cards as well.

We try our best to keep our schedule on time, so we encourage all groups to arrive 10 minutes earlier. If your group arrives late, your game time might be affected.

We only give full refunds for a cancellation that has been made 24 hours prior to your booking time. We can not give a refund for any last-minute cancellation.

No, only our butcher’s basement is a scary theme room. However, there will be no one trying to chase you or touch you.

We require that all Ninja-In-Training remove their shoes before entering the Dojo. Please bring your own socks or be prepared to play with bare feet. We also provide slippers.

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